Top tourist attractions in Uzbekistan

Amir Timur monument. Monument to Amir Timur in the Amir Timur Square in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan, in these recent years, has become the world’s trending travel destination. The silk road and cultural history of this country attract millions of travellers each year.

In the last years, almost 3 million tourists visited Uzbekistan that ranked the country at 76th position in the world’s absolute terms.

The tourists have shown great interest in the history, culture and creative architecture of Uzbekistan.

If you are planning to visit this awesome and picturesque place then this travel guide is going to be very helpful for you.

In this article, you will get a shortlist of some of the top tourist attractions in Uzbekistan. So, let’s take a look at those amazing places.


Bukhara is the most popular travel destination in Uzbekistan. This city has a thousand years old history which makes this place much more special. If you are a history lover then you should visit this place for sure. This city is a conserved example of creative and old architecture, with different madrassas, and minarets, huge royal palaces. Bukhara reflects the pre-Russian civilization of Turkestan.

The accommodation services of this town are absolutely amazing and fine as well. It will take approximately two days for you to visit the core locations here.


Khiva is a walled city that is also known as Khorasam. Another interesting fact regarding this city is that it is almost 2000 years old. This ancient city is protected and preserved by small brick walls. The walled city is full of different and amazing historical sites which serve as the best travel destinations. Some of these places include old palaces and monuments. UNESCO named this walled city as Itchan Kala which means the first Uzbek World Heritage Site.

This place is ideal for nightcrawlers, you can experience beautiful sunrises and sunsets here.

Chorsu Bazaar, Tashkent

The Chorsu Bazaar is situated in the centre of Tashkent which is a blue-domed building popular for its traditional market. Here you will find different sort of accessories such as clothes, trinkets and other daily usage appliances. You will find a lot of local street vendors and terrorists here, equally. The Kukeldash madrassah is one of the top tourist attractions here which is located at the end side of this Bazar.

If you are planning a trip to Uzbekistan then don’t forget to include this amazing place on your list.


Kokand is a city which is located in the eastern region of Uzbekistan near the southwestern edge of Fergana Valley. Kokand is the oldest and the most important city in the Fergana Valley. This city is a top-notch tourist attraction for many travelers. Kokand serves as an access point because it is among Uzbekistan’s three grand 19th-century khanates. Kokand is also important because of its historical reputation and it is dominated by the prior khans, the natural atmosphere, madrassas, and some mosques that serve as some of the top tourist attractions in Kokand. Also, you can visit the old and backstreets of this city. A road day trip will remain the finest to explore this city.

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